Clear API Explorer Cache

How do you clear the API explorer cache on the Windows player?


I’m sure someone will from Intuiface will correct me if i am wrong, but from the post in 2017 the API explorer does not store any cache

" for REST Interface Asset. Right now, you need to have Internet access, there is no cache - Jeremie Violas"

That was from @jeremie

Had a quick chat with @jeremie and here are a few additions:

  • @Promultis is right, it’s still the case, there is no cache
  • there is no persistent cache between 2 starts of Intuiface tool
  • when you stay on the same Intuiface launch, on a fail request, REST Interface Asset keeps track of the data sent, these data are updated on next further successful requests
  • if you don’t want to display data from an error/offline problem, you have to use the “Request Failed” trigger and deal with your layout/display accordingly when triggered

HTH, HAND :wink:

Thank you everybody for the clarification!