Choose layout option based on spreadsheet content?

Hi folks,

We’re trying to figure out of we can create a setup wherein IF uses a particular Collection if certain cells have content in a spreadsheet. So, for example, let’s say our spreadsheet columns/criteria are A, B, and C.

  • If a row contains content in cell A only, we want IF to use Collection #1.
  • If a row contains content in cells A and B, use Collection #2.
  • (skipping ahead) If a row contains B and C, use Collection #5.

We aren’t seeing yet if Conditional Triggers can handle this, and we’ve also wondered if an Excel formula could help. Any ideas?


Do you have any screenshots of your experience?

I think If Conditional Triggers will do the would just need to use "if row “Contains” Value then trigger something.



Hi Whit,

In order to give you the best answer, can you give some details about the usage please?
If you share more about the content, rows, criterion A, B, C and Collections, it would help a lot.



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Hey guys. Thanks for the responses.

I think that if you’re asking what the specific cell contents are then I must not be explaining the situation properly - that should be irrelevant. Essentially, I want the system to detect whether ANY content is in each of a group of cells (A, B, C) and then use a particular setting based on the configuration.

The content in question would be references to media (images, video, etc.), but again, that’s not the point. What we’re trying to do is make use of different content layouts depending on which media are present in a given spreadsheet entry/row. So if, for example, one entry had text, images of type X, and images of type Y, then the system should employ Configuration 3. And if the next entry contains text, images of type Y and video of type 1, the system should use Configuration 5. (this is a fictitious arrangement, of course - there are no such specifics yet)

Our presentation development is going to hinge on the answers to whether and how this can be done, which is why we’re wanting those answers now instead of further along in the concept/development process.

Hey Louie,

See my other more general answer above (there are no screenshots yet, we’re early in development). But I am curious about your Conditional Triggers response here - it seems to suggest that those conditions can be applied to spreadsheets, which I wasn’t seeing evidence of on either the “Conditional Triggers” or “How to use Excel Formulas” IF support pages. Am I missing the information somewhere on one of those pages, or is there another support doc that would help me with that?

I would create the different kinds of collections you want and hide them all. Then based on Louie’s conditional triggers, get the specific one to show based on the conditions laid out in the conditional triggers, you will want to check the Any one condition true or all conditions true setting.

Quick response here, folks - we were finally able to dig back into this issue and were indeed able to construct a method of using conditional triggers to create an if/then scenario based on a spreadsheet cell, which in turn will allow us to create an environment where we can dictate the Collection layout within our spreadsheet. Thanks for the pointers!