Check out this demo; using IntuiFace for architectural projects

Watch popcomms demo showing a touchscreen experience for an architectural practice.
Made with IntuiFace, of course :smile:


Great usage of the Visual Effects Design Accelerators for the sketch / real rendering images switch at 1’54

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Hi Anastasia

I had a question about a particular point in this video - found around 1:54
the video shows the sketch and the presenter tapping on right section of screen and then
moving finger to left - - to REVEAL - the actual photo of sketch - obviously
this uses some form of mask - but trying to get my head around how it is done
since neither the sketch nor the image move - ONLY the MASK - very nice
and ELEGANT - any ideas on the ‘how-to’ appreciated…

UPDATE - as per Seb’s comment - this can be done with a downloadable ‘Design Accelerator’:
Visual Effects >> Image Curtain’ - still interested to find out how to do from scratch - very nice

Here is how it is done.


Had a question about BRIGHTNESS when 'pressing and dragging

  • cannot seem to find where this is controlled?

I would like to remove this effect 'when pressed and dragged" -
rather no changes whatsoever

thanks in advance

Hi John,

There is no effect in brightness in fact it’s just the pictures that are like that in the design accelerator. You need to replace with your own.

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