Check it out: We've published an Intuiface Coding Assistant to the OpenAI GPT Store

Developers in our Intuiface community have surely heard about services like Copilot and the ability of LLMs like OpenAI’s GPT model to write code. If these things work, could they help in the creation of Intuiface Interface Assets?

Oh, you betcha. We have just published an Intuiface Coding Assistant GPT to the OpenAI GPT Store. Use it to create TypeScript-based interface assets for any web or JavaScript-based API. These interface assets can be used on all Player platforms except for Windows. (Windows-based Player still uses .NET interface assets. This will change in the coming months.)

Let me say right off the bat: this is a Tech Preview. Our Coding Assistant is typically great. However, it is still prone to occasionally leaving things out or incomplete. What it produces won’t be wrong, but could need some fixing. Nevertheless, it’s still a significant accelerator and will improve over time.

Can non-developers use the Coding Assistant? Well, sure, but it’ll be difficult for two reasons:

  • You still need to compile the code produced by the Assistant, so you must be comfortable in such an environment.
  • If there are compilation errors, you will need some understanding of the Intuiface TypeScript CDK to troubleshoot and know what to tell the Coding Assistant to add or change.

Our ambition is to make the Coding Assistant usable by even non-developers, but this will take some time.

To see how one can work with the Intuiface Coding Assistant, visit our discussion in the Help Center. You’ll find a couple of example prompts and a look at what you’ll need to do in a compiler.

This is pretty exciting stuff! Please try it out and let us know what you think. (Remember, you need a ChatGPT Plus account to use GPTs.)