Check In and Out Form

Is there a way to create a form to collect check-in/registration information at a kiosk, and then, when a person is leaving, find the check in information and check out? we have a gym that we would like to have people complete a form when entering the gym, but then also trigger the time they exit. And if we can do this, can a list of names that have been previously entered be selectable next time they visit the gym?


Hi @DLazar!

That sounds completely doable, using the content from these 2 articles:

You can check-in and save the person’s name in an Excel file, then search for that name to enable them to check-out.

Excel is just one example, you could use a different back-end such as Airtable or any other CMS.

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Hi @DLazar,
This sounds like a great application for a cloud CMS like Airtable or Knack. Knack especially, because you’d have the option of taking your ideas a few step further: A cloud portal for gym staff to see all check in’s, and look up each person and how many times they’ve entered, aggregated statics and graphs. Plus you could even assign each gym visitor a portal login or a simple unique id, which they can type into a quick lookup form at the display. The display will find the id and return one or many people assigned to that account. Touch a button next to their name to check in, and do it again to check out. I’m willing to bet this can also be done with a scanning system or even integration with Nexmosphere RFID tags to do a simple scan in/out by waving a card. Many more features and ideas beyond what I’ve mentioned here. Sorry for the late reply, but I saw the post in the weekly Intuiface email. Good luck!