Changing the colour of data imported from Excel spreadsheets


When importing data from an Excel spreadsheet into Intuiface, is it possible to edit the properties of a single cell within the created table? I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’d like to achieve, making any crosses red and any check marks green.

At the moment, whenever I try and alter an individual cell the entire row changes. The only solutions seems to be making every cell its own element and to edit them from there although this appears to be a long-winded and complicated process. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Chris,

From what I see, you’re rebuilding into Intuiface a Spreadsheet you have in an Excel and you want to display it so it looks like a the same spreadsheet (rows and columns) but into Intuiface?

Trying to understand :confused:


Hi Alex,

That’s essentially what I’m trying to do, albeit with some interactive features. At the moment, I’m trying to work out how to change the colour of an individual check mark or cross in the table without changing the entire row.


Hi Chris,

You can use a Custom Script Converter in order to change the color according to the value of the cell.
Here is an article with details from our Help Center.