Change REST API index based on global assets

I need to change what information is being displayed on a asset grid based on the global asset. I have three columns in a display, my airtable is set as 1-10, 10-20 and such. If the global asset is set to 1 the display 1-10. if global asset is set to 2 then display 10-20. I can not find a trigger to accomplish this. You can see in the photo the three columns. Depending on what button is pressed on the prior page need to dictate what information is being displayed. I have tried trigger “scroll to index” that does not work.

Hi David,

One solution would be to create 2 different requests on your Airtable, one pulling the 1-10 records and another pulling the 11-20.
Then, depending on the value of your Global Variable, you show/hide the collection using one request or the other.

Another solution, more “systemic” would be to:

  • add an index column in your Airtable
  • on change of your Global Variable, let’s say to N
  • send a request with a filter formula with N <= index <= Nx10

Hope this helps.