Change Default Scene Composer Opens To

I have a multi-scene experience and recently added a new scene that I would like to be the initial one. I have moved this scene to the top of the Scenes list, and I have gone into the experience properties and changed the Startup scene to this new scene, and have saved the experience open to that scene.

However, any time I reopen the experience in Composer, it goes to the initial scene I created when I created the experience, not this new one. Is there a way to have Composer open to a specific scene in the experience? If not in Composer, is there something I can set or move in the .ifx file that would allow this?


Hi @steve,

Have you looked under the experience properties? You can select the start scene from there.

Regarding opening the experience on a specific scene, go onto the scene you want and re save and re open and see if that helps?

Kind Regards



Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I have tried both of those and it hasn’t worked. I have created a work-around that is fine for what I am doing.

Hi @steve,

I recommend you to open a ticket to our Support Team, they will look into it.

They will probably ask you to share your experience with account so they can investigate. You can do it in advance, tell them and provide the name of the XP in the ticket you’re going to create along with your issue description.

Kind regards,