Change color of a 3D Model

Link: 3D objecgt colour Change

Hey Everyone, this request may seem like a no brainer but I’m trying to figure out how i can change the colour of a 3d object with intuiface, IE change colour options of 3d car model, it would be nice to be able to do this without having a new model object of the car replacing the current one and reseting the camera, so if the user is veiwing the fron,t back, side top etc they could select colour options without the camera angle resetting.
Any thoughts???

I have the same question, no replies on the previous post. Pls respond.

Did you try changing the light options? you can change the camera light color and its intensity

any 3D model specialists who’d like to throw some tips?

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Hi Akhil,

If there is no answer here, I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site.



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This works on basic model, but it changes the color of everything actually

Hm. Sorry that didn’t help. Maybe it’s better that you open a support ticket as @Alex suggested.
(unless the 3D wizard @tosolini can help you with this :grin: )

I’m not sure if it’s possible to switch colors on the fly without loading a different model, but Support may be able to confirm it. I’m curious myself.

Agree with Paulo, I think 3d models get their colors off the texture files, so unless there’s a way to bind those, you will not be able to change a specific part in the 3d model. I had a hard time getting a 3d model to show the proper colors due to the missing texture files.

Maybe an expert here will be able to shed more light on this.

Not pretending to be a 3D expert here, but I can confirm that currently, Intuiface doesn’t provide a feature to change a “3D object color”, meaning the property values of a material applied to a mesh. As objects can be as simple as a cube or as complex as a car, this would be a pretty complex job to “parse” the 3D model and expose all the potential values that could be changed on these materials.

So far, the solution proposed by Paolo is the only one I can think of, while staying 100% within Intuiface: having multiple models set with different colors, and changing the model on the fly.

Another approach would be to embed the model in an HTML frame / web browser and have some controls there to make these modifications. Ex: put this URL in a Web Browser asset and use the dropdown at the top right corner to change the color map: