Capture video from webcam asset

Here’s any idea submitted by Chris Lamb:

" Currently, the webcam asset can only capture a snapshot (photo), was wondering if it was possible to capture live feed as a video.

We could have a button that starts the webcam capture and then a stop button. Once the stop button is clicked, the capture video is stored into a file path used by the share by filesystem. "

What do you guys think?

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Is this on the roadmap? I would find this feature really useful.

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Totally agree! I can see how that feature would help several of my clients- they’re trying to find out best practices to receive feedback/questions about their products and services at tradeshows. Right now we do surveys, but having the attendees answer in their own words would be helpful.


Hi @Promultis and @megan,

Thans for you interest on this feature.

To be frank, this feature is identified in our feedback list but for now it is not planned in the roadmap for the next 3-6 months.

I’ve added your vote to the card on our Feedback and Prioritization list, so it is very helpful to hear. I’ll let you now as soon as we decide to move on this feature.




To me this is kind of a no brainer in creating some really rich interactive experiences for clients and their audience. Still snapshots just don’t cut it in 2019.

I hope that this feature gets a little more heat under it so I don’t have to try to find a complex workaround.

We have a client that is interested in us developing a prototype that requires this feature. Essentially they want people to be able to leave video messages to leave feedback at the kiosk. Thus we need Intuiface support for capturing video and saving it to the hard drive. Any chance this is coming soon? Any update?

I suppose we would have to wait and see, I think either @alban or @Seb will be able to answer that.

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Haven’t tried this, but it might already be possible using the launch application action combined with dshow in ffmpeg (an av command line tool)

The feature is not currently in the short term roadmap, so I’d also recommend to look at 3rd party tools that can be called via command lines through the Launch Application action.

The link provided by @b.vvliet is a good place to start.

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