Capture Quiz results and user data at booth



Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to set up a quiz using a set of multiple choice / drop-down questions, then capture this data into an Excel file and/or dashboard?

Would this be done simply by using the Data tracking asset and start/ending session between each user?

Any examples/tutorials or help on this would be gratefully appreciated!



I have done something similar to this before, A good starting point would be using the Marketplace Quiz example and start from there.

Here is the example excel that i created to see what the most popular rating is for each question, you would need to make sure you have a quiz in a pinboard collection.

I’m sure its doable with a dropdown menu for the answers to each question.

Here is the trigger for each button in my case “excellent button”

But it saves to a specific cell in the database by using the simple counter IA.

I’m sure someone on here will be able to help you more with your request.

Kind Regards



Many thanks Louie, much appreciated.

So am I right in thinking this saves the quiz data locally as opposed to the Analytics dashboard?

If I were to create this style dropdown list:
( )
Would this also be saved to the same excel file or still locally?


Hi @myservicedesk,

Using the Data Tracking will probably be the easiest way to store the answers given by the users to the quiz.
As Louie mentioned, use an Excel file to create your questions & answers, then call the “log event” action of the Data Tracking to save the parameters in the analytics hub. This will be a real advantage if you want to merge the results of different players in the field and/or if you want to generate charts from the results retrieved, using our latest Analytics Charts & Dahboard feature.
If you have one single device, using Excel to store the data could work as well, but you’ll have more work to generate charts to visualize the results.