Can't get TIMER to start after video ends and is hidden

I have an inactivity timer on a scene that fires when the conditional attribute on the VIDEO is set CURRENT TIME = 0. If I close the video while it’s playing, the timer is triggered as I set the current time = 0 when video is hidden. That works great!

But, if the video ends by itself, I cannot for the life of me get the timer to trigger. I set video to hide when it ends. I set video to current time = 0 when it ends. I set video to rewind when it ends. But it will not fire the timer.

And ideas?

Have you set the “repeat indefinitely” checkbox? Otherwise the trigger will only fire one.

Thanks for the response. The issue is this. The inactivity timer fires after “x” amount of seconds when NO INTERACTIVITY happens (regardless of the repeat indefinitely setting … I tested this). What is happening with videos, is when video ends, and I set it to REWIND and HIDE, that action does not trigger interactive moment. Hang with me and I will get to the point.

If I set a condition on the interactivity timer, to “VIDEO timeline equals 0”, or “VIDEO visibility equals FALSE”, the timer action will not fire until this condition is met. However, and here it the issue. The timer is actually running, just not triggering, so when the video ends and hides, it launches the trigger when is reaches its timer. Which could be any second after the video ends. Because there is no USER activity, the timer keeps looping and never resets and the end of the video.

This is problematic, say when you want a timer to send you to the home screen 2 minutes after screen is inactive. But it could launch all the way back to the home screen the second after the video ends, or wherever the timer is at.

Need a way to trigger a user INTERACTIVITY as an action.

Make sense? Thanks!

It’s really difficult to understand exactly what you are trying to do.

Perhaps you could create a support thread here and share your experience so we can get a better understanding of it.

Thanks for your response, I opened a support discussion as well and shared a test experience.

Well, maybe I can simplify what I am saying.

The interactivity timer resets every time a user interacts with the screen. So that when it is idle, after a set time it changes scenes. Every time a user interacts, the timer restarts.

When a video is running, to prevent the timer from changing scenes when it runs out, I am using a condition that tells the timer not to change scenes unless the video asset is “hidden”. So when the video is running, the scene won’t change (the timer is running in the background and set to repeat). When the video ends, I set a trigger that “hides” the video.

Here is the issue, if a user closes the video before it ends, it triggers the time (because a user interaction occurred). However, if the video ends itself, and hides based on the trigger, no interaction has occurred according to the program. So wherever the timer is at, if changes scenes. So the possibility arises that as soon as the video ends, the timer might only have a few seconds left, and immediately changes scene. I would rather the timer reset when the video ends, but there is no way to reset the timer the way user activity does.

Hope that helps.

Hi Ted,

Here is a copy of the answer I gave you on your support thread about this question.

I discussed your scenario with our product team and considering a playing video as some “user activity” is a potential enhancement they have been thinking about. It would make your scenario quite simple to achieve.
Until it’s added to the platform, here is a proposition to address your scenario:

add a Global Variable to your project
add triggers to set this variable to true when the video starts to play and to false when it stops.
You can add a delay of x seconds after the video has been paused / hidden before calling the set value action to stay longer on the scene in this case
on your inactivity timer, add a condition and check that the global variable value is equal to false
check the Repeat indefinitely property of your inactivity timer. It it was raised while the video was playing, the goto scene action won’t be called (condition isn’t fulfilled) and the timer will start again.

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