Can't add PDF to asset grid excel file




I’ve stumbled upon a problem that I don’t know how to fix. I made an excel file filled with videos and they have relative references, so that’s ok. Now I’ve also added PDF files to the same excel and they are also referenced correctly but those PDF files don’t show in the composer or player?

The only way they show, is if I manually add a document asset to the asset grid of videos. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable since I need to add filters to the excel file. For example, I only want the videos to show, or I only want to see the PDF files but since those PDF files are not in the excel (because they don’t show), I can’t filter them.

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Hi @nicholas.vanbeylen

I could suggest you try and resave the PDF as a different filename and then import the PDF into the excel, Also make sure you use “.pdf not .PDF”





For such a question/issue, I recommend you to start a discussion on our support website.



After having tried many different things with the support team. I advise other people, who might also encounter this problem, to not mix media files (mp4,…) with Pdf’s in the same excel. When I made a different excel with only pdf files linked to it, all the pdf’s show up perfectly.

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