Cannot release licenses from iPads

When I go to my licenses page and click the “release license from tablet” link, absolutely nothing happens.

Also, does anyone know the answer to this: can an iPad retain more than one license somehow?? We have only 30 iPads, but we have 40 iPad licenses, and somehow they are all retained?? How can this be? And how can I fix it if I cannot release licenses??

Hi, we had this problem once. One ipad was retaining two licenses, which was strange, you will need to contact the intuiface team and ask them to do it for you. I think easiest way would be to copy the license keys and send them to the intuiface team for them to release it.

Ipads pick up license keys automatically, and should stick to one unless you dont do a logout/ login, which tends to cause problems I think.

Thanks for your help. I’ve started a discussion with support so hopefully they will be able to help.

Release feature is working fine now! Thanks everyone!

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