Cannot move asset inside layer - grid linings missing



i have a layer with asset grid and under that is a template with some assets(text, images).
I want to change text, image position, but when i select image from scene structure, i cannot see image element grid in preview window.Image position is shown with yellow arrow.

When i start a project, its working fine, i see all the data, but i want to move assets around a little bit.

What am i missing?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @i.olavi,
Just to clarify - when you select the image item within your collection, you don’t see the selection lines around the image that allow you to move/resize?

Some other questions:

  • What is the black square on your screenshot?
  • Are you able to move the image with the sliding scales next to the x,y positioning? (the little circles next to the x,y inputs)
  • If you pull the image out of the collection, do the positioning lines appear?
  • Is it possible you accidentally locked the layer when you selected it?


Yes, @AlexB, thats is correct,

Answer to other questions:

  1. What black screen?
  2. I can move object by changing scale values.
  3. If i pull image out of the collection, positioning lines will appear.
  4. Layer is not locked

Made a small video, maybe this will explain better.



You should start a discussion with the support team and share your project with them. They’ll try to reproduce your issue and understand what’s happening in your experience.



Hmmm, yes, I would agree with @Chloe that this seems more tech support issue. That does seem rather odd. (Btw, the black screen I mentioned was the black square/section of your image above. I was curious if that was intentional, or if the canvas turned black when you selected the image) Best of luck, I hope it gets sorted out!


I can relocate, resize items when i move template out of collection. And after modifying template i can move template back to collection.

That made me think, should i be able to modify template when it is under collection?


Hi @i.olavi,

Yes you should be able to modify the template while it’s in a collection.
Are you sure you have some data while being in Edit mode?
To make sure, can you close your project / open it, since this will refresh your Interface Asset used to feed the collection.