Can you make a remote experience?

Can I send a link to someone to view and interact with an experience remotely?

for example: I host the intuiface player and files to be run on a server and send a link to a customer. They can then interact with the experience without having to download all of the large assets from the project.

I’m trying to think of ways my company can still use intuiface. We used to mainly use them for tradeshows, but need a new way to connect now.

Hi @erose and welcome to the Intuiface community!

You can share an experience with somebody who doesn’t have an Intuiface account using our share via URL feature, see this article for more details.

Another way to replace tradeshows is actually to run your experience on your laptop/desktop while using a web conferencing software. See the video example below, this is actually my own setup when I do Intuiface demos to our prospects :slight_smile: The laptop on the right is just to illustrate what my audience is seeing on their end.

In this scenario, if you’d like people to remotely participate to your presentation, you might want to check our latest reference design: Mobile Driven Data Entry

Thank you for the links, I will check these out :slight_smile:

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So, would it be possible to do a video conference call from your computer, share the Intuiface player screen with the call, but then control the player experience with a tablet using intuipad? I’d assume yes, but I’d like to know for sure (This would basically mimic your setup with a tablet as your touch screen).

Hi @phil and welcome to the Intuiface community!

Yes, that’s definitely doable, and that was actually my setup a few years ago when my main monitor wasn’t a touch screen. I would just recommend to test your setup before your video conference to make sure you don’t have any network / firewall issues with IntuiPad. For such a setup, I would also recommend to use a PC with a single monitor setup, to avoid potential coordinates issues with IntuiPad.

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