Can Intuiface AirPlay ro Cast to an additional display?

Hi All,

Wondering if there is an easy implementation for allowing content to Airplay or “Cast” to another screen, with redesigning the experience layout to accommodate a second display. Thanks in advance.

Hello @massfxmedia,

If you were going to use a second display and extend the desktop, the display resolution of the experience would need to be set in Composer before hand. There is not a way to adjust the display resolution while running an experience.

Here is some more information on using a multi screen setup.

Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, using remote actions to communicate with a seperate experience on the second screen might work best. Here is more info on remote actions.

If you have any other questions or need specific help you should reach out to our support team.


Can you please explain in a little more detail what you’re looking for. If you’re redesigning the experience to accommodate a second display, then Airplay or cast will likely mirror the total resolution of the XP into the another screen.

So, to use the XP in a simple manner would be to redesign it according to the resolution of the external screen. Then you should be able to control the XP on the second screen from the main one running the XP