Can I jump between different Intuiface experiences?

I need to create experiences in different languages.
My challenge is to find a solution where people can flip between two language versions. Since the graphics and buttons are slightly different in looks an placement, I cannot reuse them in all scenes.

I therefore tried placing buttons in each scene instead of on the experience layer, but the buttons from other scenes are still ‘active’ when they are not visible in a scene.

I therefore wonder if the easiest solution would be to jump to a different Intuiface experence, when the language button is pressed? Is that possible?

Alternatively how do I ensure the buttons are inactive in one language version, when a new language version is activated?

I hope you can help, as we have an exhibition opening on Friday…


You may want to take a look at this article Create a multi-language experience using Excel

If you get stuck, ask support for help.

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Hi @okolariet! Welcome to the Intuiface Community.

Just FYI, @Louie_Smith is an Intuiface GURU, so if you look up some of his other posts, you will find that you learn a LOT from him.

Also, the Intuiface Support team is incredibly fast, patient and knowledgeable, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. I promise, you won’t get lost in the shuffle! (Like you would at if you were to contact other software companies who shall remain nameless…)

I look forward to seeing you on the boards here! :slight_smile: