Camtasia integration

Any Camtasia users in the Community? I’d like the opportunity to talk shop about the software and share ideas on how it can be used with IntuiFace. Thanks!

I use Camtasia alot…

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I’ve recently started playing around with their quiz content for making video based questionnaires. Thought it would be cool to integrate that into the IntuiFace using the Web Asset. Have you been using the two together in any way?

I’ve not tried their quiz content yet as I used it mainly for screen recording. But yes it’d defintely be good to integrate that into IF which should not be a problem via the web asset.

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Hi @cullenb,

I also use Camtasia a lot, but mainly to screen-record / webcam record our instructional / tutorial videos.
I’ve never tried their video quiz feature, but if it exports as web content, you should indeed be able to run either through our Web Browser asset or the HTML Frame asset.

Keep us posted :wink:


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Just did a quick test and it seems to work. However, you need to host the entire exported package onto a web server, I tried it on my local PC and this is the error i got:

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Good to know. Thanks for the update. This may be the fastest way to set up a custom quiz off-site provided internet access is available.