Calculating a percentage

Hi folks,
first of all I apologise for my broken English.
I need to calculate a percentage between a number stored in a variable (which is the max value - i.e. 100) and a number that is stored in an excel interface asset.
unfortunately the math & logic converter doesn’t allow to use dynamic data.
I’ve tried to use the linear converted as explained in this article ( but the result is not correct.I would utterly appreciate your help.
thanks in advance. all the best.

Hi Andera @a.finizio and welcome to the Intuiface community.

Since you are already using an Excel file, you could use either a separate sheet or additional columns into your current one to compute that percentage using a basic formula.

Something like this:

Use an Update Cell action to enter your current value.
Then, to retrieve the result of that formula cell, use a Set Text action and bind the parameter to that formula.
See more details in this How to use Excel Formulas article.

Let us know if that answers your need.


many thanks. it worked perfectly

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