Calculate the sum of values from multiple inputs

HI Team,

Is there a way to sum the values of multiple inputs to a result field.

For Ex: I have 7 input fields
once I enter the value in each of the input field say “input_textfield1” value is 10, input_textfield2 value is 20 like so on…, 8th input_textfield8 should display the sum of all the 7 input fields.


Hi @srjanga,

The easiest and best solution would be to create a new dedicated Interface Asset to address your specific need.

As of today, the closest Interface Assets available in Composer would be:

  • The Simple Counter: You could call 7 times the “Add” action to add the values from your text inputs. This would not require any code modification.
  • The Text Concatenation: You could bind 7 properties of this IA to your 7 text inputs, but you would need to make some modifications in the JavaScript code to make sure it does a numerical addition instead of concatenating the numbers as strings.

Let us know which path you choose!


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Hi Seb,

Thanks for the reply.
What we would want to do is the input fields have to be automatically sum and fall in the result field without adding a button to click the result.


Hi @srjanga,

Then the 2nd option is the best one.
I did the modification for you, you can download a sample here that contains a new NumbersAddition custom IA: (6.7 MB)

Usage is exactly the same as the Text Concatenation

Happy Monday!


Hi SEb,

Thanks for the example, sorry for the late reply.
we were looking similar to the one which you have suggested with little changes.


Hi @srjanga,

Did you download the sample I shared in my previous message? Does that answer your need or did you end up creating your own custom Interface Asset on your side?