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Hello, I’m currently working on implementing a button design into Intuiface. I have it up and running using images, but my concern is that the images may not be sharp on our final output: 4k being upscaled to 6k. Since the checked and unchecked states of the buttons are simply a solid rectangle and an outlined rectangle, I could easily use a toggle button instead of an image toggle button. Obviously the benefit of doing it this way is the buttons will be vector instead of bitmap and likely be sharper on the final display. Only one problem… I can change the outline color of a button, I can even change the radius of the outline, but I can’t change the thickness of the outline? Am I missing something here?


I don’t think this feature is available at the moment, i think the only work around would be to create a graphics with the desired border/outline size if this is a button, but you can create a rectangle with the ability to change the border/outline thickness.

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Hilarious. I went looking for someone else complaining that you can’t control button outline thickness and the post that I find was written by my boss. :slight_smile: “Am I missing something here” is my thought exactly — why on earth is this very simple feature that already exists in another asset not part of this one?? Yes, we can use a Rectangle instead and attach Triggers/Actions to that, but the Button has a ‘pressed’ state that Rectangle doesn’t. This omission make no sense at all.

@whit Don’t hesitate to put your requests in our dedicated wishlist forum!

Will do!