Button Color Overlay Effect

To save time on button effects, it’d be neat to have the ability to set a color overlay for buttons/image buttons.

I think this would apply best to flat-style transparent background PNG images, which I assume many users like us utilize in their XP’s. It would save time from creating different color PNG’s and setting each as pressed/depressed images. Triggers can tell the button to change color when needed.

Since it would be a style effect alongside the blur/grayscale/etc, it would also give us the ability to bind the color to something - which means we could have one more way to customize an XP based on dynamic characteristics. One step closer to settig a variable to trigger the style/branding of an entire XP. It’d also be neat to change the color of flat transparent PNG’s based on parallax movement.

Love to hear any other user’s thoughts if this would be helpful - or feel free to build on the idea!

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