Built in preloader



Is there an option to built in a preloader when my pages are loading?
Now people start touching the screen before the page is complete loading and they expience it as a annoying thing that there is no indication that the page is still loading.

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Hi @koen.kooreman,
Loading in IF can be interesting sometimes. It takes some planning and a lot of tweaking to make a large presentation work snappy.

Maybe another IF staff member can back me up on this…but in my experience, IF will load things first when the scene is entered, then when assets are “shown” inside that scene.

When entering a scene, you can trigger a “loading” screen if you need to buy a few seconds to let the scene load. Then, with the assets themselves, you can be strategic about pushing them offscreen, reducing opacity, sending them backward in the layer list…or combinations of those. This means they will be loaded immediately with the scene and ready to be shown. Also, I believe the web browser asset has triggers for when content is loaded, which can allow you to design other UI elements until the web page comes up.

That’s usually what I do - but just like anything, there’s always some problem solving we need to do when it comes to how much should be loaded into a scene, and how much should be hidden or simply invisible within it.

Hope that helps a little.


That’s effectively a good approach @AlexB. As in a video game, when entering a new “scene” or a new world, the developers & the ending would first load the global environment (= scene background + main elements), then would load additional details like more trees in the forest, start animating the flowers with the wind, etc… ( = WHEN “scene has been entered” THEN Show additional assets / move them into the scene.


That’s a good point @Seb. Even a small amount of delay between the loading of certain assets could make the XP go much smooother.

On that note - I know we’re talking milliseconds here…but is there a hierarchy to how IF loads assets when entering a scene? Of course it loads the background first, that’s very noticeable. But after that - is there any order to text/images/video/etc?