Building a Fortune Wheel Game

So im wondering if it’s possible to reproduce the mechanism of a fortune wheel in Intuiface, in particular making the wheel spin with swipe gesture or buttons and after that how to choose a prize when the wheel stops?

I would really appreciate any info on this topic!


I have found the information i need on this XP:

thanks to Chloe for pointing me out to it.


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Great! You’re welcome :smile:

Hi ! I don’t know if it’s really a good answer but I’ve already build some fortune wheel with a simple vertical carousel with settings for elasticity and others properties to have the good behaviour (test your owns).

I had something like 40 items in my carousel and only 4 winners, but you can do it as you wish of course.

…If it helps…


You might be interested in knowing we just released a Wheel of fortune sample along with other mini games.

You can get the wheel of fortune sample here: Wheel of Fortune

This article will explain how to edit this sample:

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