Im a beginner so naturally I made some mistakes, and in my way of thinking. I was able to recreate this bug multiple times and became a critical effect on a project i was working on, as i had to restart my whole project, or so i thought until i duplicated the file or changed the name, which leads me to believe that the intuiface program has marked the file path as ‘deleted’ could be preventing it from working.

While trying to implement the ‘sharing’ assets, i had to import an excel file.

  1. import an excel file to the ‘Interface Asset’ Library.

  2. delete the same excel file

  3. import the same excel file, and nothing happens?

If you delete an excel file from the ‘Interface Asset’ library, you cannot re-import it, you have to duplicate it or change the name.

Edit: just change the name of the file.


Hi @stevehelliwell12,

Thanks for reporting this issue. It’s a known one which has already been fixed for the next release, expected at the latest early September.

If you find any other bug you’d like to report, the best way to do it is through our support website.



Hi Seb,

speedy reply I must say! All is good, no harm done, just making sure it’s known.