Browser player version: Museum's COVID-19 edition

Please continue to consider creating an online Intuiface player that can be interacted with in a browser and shared via link (without download) or embedded on our institution’s website. Museums and educational institutions would absolutely invest in an online player subscription, that holds a certain amount of experiences depending on our level, that we can provide access to our patrons for free.

Due to the current pandemic, our Museum has temporarily closed it’s doors, but we continue to provide access to our digital content. We have built 32 interactive experiences with Intuiface. These interactives could be beneficial for students and researchers around the world, and ease of access in a web browser would lend itself to be more inclusive and equitable. Cheers!


Hi Peder @pnelson and welcome to Intuiface community!

As of today, Intuiface player can easily be installed on iPads, Android tablets, from the app store or the Google Play store.
If you use the Share via URL mechanism and someone uses that URL on his tablet, or on his Windows laptop, the Player is automatically downloaded and your experience is played.
The Intuiface watermark will be displayed by default, as this Player will not consume one of your Player licenses.

On the longer term, as announced during our Interactive 2020 user conference in February, the product team is indeed working on an online version of our player.
Hopefully for all of us, the end of the current crisis should arrive first though.