Browser Playback / Embedding

Would there be any way that Intuiface could allow an XP to be embedded in a web page? I get asked a lot if the program can play through a web browser, so someone can interact with it on a client’s website.

I know that the whole pricing structure is by device…so maybe it could be limited in some way? Maybe it would cost an extra license or some other publishing cost to get the embed code?

Just brainstorming ideas. I think this would be a be a huge addition. Not only would could it be a way to extend Intuiface experiences…but it could also help people to see live previews after they update data from API explorer CMS.

  • Yes, please!
  • Nah, don’t need it

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@AlexB I agree that if Intuiface could export to HTML5 + maintain the same functionality of the Win player + become embeddable on Web pages + find a business model for Intuilab to make money on big deployments, it’d beat anything out there.


I get this request often as well.

We hear you! There are still technical challenges we are not dealing with like browser compatibility (and testing) as well as responsive design, not counting the business side as rightfully mentioned by @tosolini. However, 2018 might bring some steps in that direction…

Great, thanks for the heads up! Always something to look forward to.