Broken images path in experience on android kiosk

I’ve manually loaded an experience on two kiosk and both load the experiences with broken paths to the images. It says they cannot find the images. As well, one kiosk also gives me 7060 errors. Does anyone know how to fix these issues?

Hi @blakstarr ,

For such specific request, I recommend you to open a ticket to our Support platform.



I have and I have not received any specific answers. That is why I posted here. I was hoping someone knew how to fix the issue/s.

Hi @blakstarr,

Our support team asked you yesterday to share your experience with them so they can investigate. I don’t see any response from your part, so they are still waiting for your update to help you.



I haven’t uploaded the experiences because the kiosk do not have access to the internet. I will have to try and relocate them to have that ability which is no small task. Where do the files go to once they leave the xps folder? That answer could help as it might be as simple as renaming folders.


Here are the steps on publishing an experience. You will do this from Composer.