BrightSign with a dual monitor output configuration

I am working on a quote for a prospective project which will require a touchscreen integrated as a tabletop into a custom cabinet that uses tangible objects, which would drive changes in content that would appear on a regular, non-touch flatscreen mounted to an adjacent wall.

I know that there are hardware limitations to consider when running an Intuiface experience on BrightSign players. That said, has anyone had experience running Intuiface via BrightSign to multiple screens?

And even if this does work, would there be anyway to load the necessary software to integrate tangible objects on a BrightSign player, and could it be expected to run the tangible-required software with any semblance of stability?

Hi @cullenb,

Regarding the multi screen, all the BrightSign players Intuiface supports have a single HDMI output. I never heard of someone doing a multi-screen project with a single BrightSign player, using a video splitter for example, and I don’t know how I would set this up.

Regarding the tangible objects, as of today and as stated in this article section, the TUIO Interface Asset we provide is only available for Windows platforms. Most of our partners require to run a Middleware to transform some USB/HID inputs into TUIO, and I don’t think that middleware could be running on BrightSign. If the middleware is running on a separate machine, it could be doable to have a TUIO Interface Asset for BrightSign, but would require a new feature in our Intuiface Player.

Regarding this particular project, I’d say Windows is a safer bet, and we’ll contact you soon to talk more about it :wink:

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