BrightSign Limitations

I’ve read Intuiface’s documentation on known limitations when authoring for BrightSign players, and now I’m finding out firsthand what BrightSign does and does not tolerate. Though the “Simulate Player on other platforms…” is a start, as the guide on limitations states, “Test on the target device often”.

Has anyone else out there made any notes on BrightSign tolerant practices? If so, please share.

If not, then (depending on how much “free time” becomes available this year) I will be making an adhoc guide based on my experiences in the hopes that I can save someone the trial and error I’ve experienced so far.

Hi Cullen,

If you find some limitations on BrightSign which are not in our guide or if you have some doubts about is it a limitation or a bug (most will deny it but such things exist), please don’t hesitate to report it to our support team and they should be able to clarify this for you :wink:

Your feedback help us make the platform stronger!



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