BrightSign authoring

The current article in the support database shows a requirement of a Control Cloud (or greater) account.

My client is asking that I check to see if this is still a necessity, since they have in-house BrightSign account admins, and they do not currently have a Control Cloud account.

Hi @cullenb,

Sorry for the late reply.

Another option, if you have a computer on the same local network as your Brightsign device, is to target it directly through your browser using its IP Address.

I don’t have a Control Cloud account myself so I can’t compare, but if it helps, here are some of the options I can access:

I’m not putting a capture of all the tabs but with the one below, note you have access to SD and you can add/remove files, it’s handy when you want to change your autorun.brs for instance.

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Hey, no worries. It wasn’t a time sensitive query. Thank you for the info. That is definitely helpful. I appreciate it.