Book shelf



Hi, I am thinking of making a bookshelf from the publications list so that ppl can read the publications of their choice on the screen. Any idea, how can this be done?

Best regards, Deependra


You can use an Asset Grid that you may want to tailor so it displays several rows.

Each element data of the grid can be pulled from an Excel file.

In this Excel file, you can use a relative path to your actual book (pdf ?), put them all in the same directory as the Excel, and use a Document Asset to display the content of each.


I tried this to open book in book asset, it did not work well. the books are not displayed properly in book asset.


What is the file format of your book ? Is it .pdf ?

You may want to set your Document Asset display type to Book.

Should look like this :


yes that is what I did and books were in PDF format.


Can you give more inputs on

please ?

Maybe share a sample of the .pdf file you’re using if there is no copyright issues ?


Thank you Alex, I restarted with the fresh project and it worked.


As the book can be of various sizes, can the book holder be dynamically resized?


Yes it can be of any size and resized with his properties elements.

Check the screen capture I’ve used above, on the right of the red square, there are properties for coordinates X/Y, Width, Height and Orientation angle.