Blending multiple output from one Brightsign

Hello - I am attempting to project one 2k wide video using one Brightsign with 2 HD video projectors. First off, is there a Brightsign player capable of this? And if so what are best practices for edge blending the video in this case between the two projectors? Do any brightsign players have this capability ? Or best to do within the video/projectors. Thanks.

Hi @adamlassy and welcome to the Intuiface community!

As far as Intuiface is concerned, we can output an Intuiface Experience on multiple BrightSign video outputs as detailed in this article section.
We did run all our tests with regular screens using an XC2055, not video projectors, so I couldn’t say about edge blending.

As far as devices are concerned, we only tested the XC2055 and XC4055, respectively with 2 and 4 video outputs.
I know the XT2145 will have 2 video outputs and should be released soon, but we haven’t had the chance to test it yet.

For more information about the BrightSign players themselves, I would suggest you contact BrightSign support directly.