Binding visibility of an individual item on Asset Grid

I’m having difficulty binding individual images in the Asset Grid. I would like the visibility of the images to be bound to other items that are either True or False. It’s important for it to be in an Asset Grid to keep the images organized because, if placed in a Group, there will be empty spaces between the images due to the invisible ones. If there’s any way to achieve this, please help me. Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome @bravmurtbusiness,

A way to accomplish what you are looking to do is to have each image in a Group Collection within the Asset Grid.

Once this is done you will be able to bind the visibility of the image to the True/False items. In this example I have it bound to the Checked status of a Toggle Button.

With it set this way you will still keep the image organized with what ever spacing you define in the Asset Grid properties.

If you have any additional questions I would suggest reaching out to us via our support channel.