Binding/Text Manipulation Advanced Scenario

Having a tricky time accomplishing this specific scenario, wondering if anyone else has had luck?

I have a web browser, a button, and then a hidden layer containing two text input fields and a submit button. When the user hits the button on the bottom of the screen it unhides the input fields layer so they can enter some information. Then, when they are done and hit a send button I want to concatenate the following;

  1. www.websitethinghere/data_process.php?url=
  2. The website URL the browser is currently one
  3. &input1=
  4. The input value of first field
  5. &input2=
  6. The input value of second field

Then, I would take that newly concatenated URL and, off screen, set a separate browser to navigate to that url, thus allowing us to process the data on our web server.

I’ve managed to figure out how to bind the current URL of the web browser and get the value from the input fields, but I’m having a hard time concatenating it all together. Is this something I should be using a global variable for, or text manipulation?

Got it, I just had to string along multiple text manipulation items in sequence

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For such scenarios, I also like to use the Replace action of the Text manipulation, with the following sequence of actions:

  • Set Original Text: www.websitethinghere/data_process.php?url={URL}&input1={INPUT1}&input2={INPUT2}
  • Replace {URL} with … bind the parameter here
  • Replace {INPUT1} with… bind the input 1 here
  • Replace {INPUT2} with… bind the input 2 here

It does the same thing as you do, just looks “nicer” to me :slight_smile: (very personal opinion)