Binding Gradient Angle

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This is a similar request to @AlexB Wishlist in 2020 here is the link: Gradient Color Binding

I would like to be able to bind the value of the gradient angle to create some cool and funky animated shapes/backgrounds within an experience.

Note: Yes you can do this with a few lines of code inside the HTML Frame asset as shown here:CSS Gradient Background but when you are running on low performance devices it would be good if the composer had the ability to do this natively rather having to rely on the HTML Frame or creating a video in an external program.

Expected result:

  • Yes what a brilliant idea!
  • No, this is pointless

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Is this what you want to create? (replace slider with timer / animation trigger/action)

I know it’s not 100% what you’ve been asking for, but the real question is: will it do the job for your needs? (Until we add this feature in Composer, which to be honest won’t be high in our enhancement priority list).
Just create a bigger shape than your scene (ex: 2200x2200) and rotate the rectangle instead of rotating the gradient).

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Hi Seb,

Thanks for the quick response.

Not only that but to be able to specify the colours within the gradient (Range) and the angles (Range) to achieve something like the CSS example I attached above natively within Intuiface.

My point was on the angle side of things as @AlexB already mentioned binding of the gradient colours.

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