Binding for "Launch Application" parameter


It would be very helpful to be able to bind to the parameter of the “Launch Application” action. It would allow me, for example, to send a filename as the parameter to a batch file allowing me to rename a file on disk.


You can do this by using the Launch Application Action then specify the location of the Batch file. That way you can add your own parameters into the batch file which is running outside of Intuiface.

For Example.


@echo off
cd "C:\Program Files\CCleaner"
start CCleaner64.exe

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wunderlist2"
start Wunderlist.exe


Just make sure you Specify the location of the file.

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In relation to this one, I guess, is it possible to run an android app inside intuilab? If so then, what type is the best one to use?


In relation to the OP - if I wanted to pass a global variable to a batch file…
Is this somehow possible?


Exactly. That is what I’m hoping to do.


Hi guys,

At the moment you effectively can’t bind the Launch application nor its parameter to a value inside IntuiFace.
I think the best workaround right now would be to create your own .NET Interface Asset that would come with the necessary actions and parameters, that you can bind, and would handle starting the required process.



Thanks Seb
That’s actually what I ended up doing.


Hi guys,

This is now possible in the latest release version 5.7

The parameters of the “Launch Application” and “Call URL” actions can now be derived from an external source via binding. No more being limited to hard coding it at design time.

Read the full updates here: