Binding (Audio Reaches Time) to Excel sheet



I Tried To bind the time (Audio Reaches Time) to excel sheet and it didn’t work.
I tried different formats but also didn’t work (ex: (3)(03)(00:003)(00:00:03))

How can it be done or what is the right format input in excel so composer can understand it ?


Any answer ???


Hi Ziad,

Could you precise your scenario and you are trying to achieve with this binding? Don’t hesitate to add snapshots to illustrate it.




Hi Seb,

Here is the explanation of what im facing.

Hope you can understand from the picture and can configure it.



Hi Ziad

With your solution, you would need to add 1 “reaches time” trigger per “page” you want to display, and I guess this number can vary, so it won’t really be maintainable.

I’d propose you another approach:

  • Modify your Excel file to have 1 item per row, with the following properties
    • Start Time: the moment when you want your text to appear
    • End Time : the moment when you want your text to disappear
    • Sentence : the text you want to display during this duration
  • On your Audio asset, add the following trigger
    • When Time changes
    • Then
      • Add Filter on the excel file, search for Start Time lower than the Time changes trigger value
      • Add Filter on the excel file, search for End Time greater than the Time changes trigger value

See pictures below.
With this mechanism, a text bound to Row #1 on the Sentence column will always display the correct sentence

Please tell me if this solution would fit your need.



Hi Seb,

Thank you for your solution, but the way that i was working with is so direct,
I only have 10 pages but the time when the next page comes is variable and depends on the voice over.
The design is fixed, but everyday we have a different report, so the editors will fill the timecode in excel with the paragraphs.

The reason i used asset grid is to gain the motion effect.

The only thing that didnt work is tha time is not reading from excel .

hope you got the idea.
Im not stick with my way, im searching for the easiest way.




Any Solution ?


Hi Ziad,

I just tested the Reaches Time trigger, binding its Time parameter to my excel file Start Time column and it works fine.

Maybe the issue comes from the way you entered the time value in Excel. Try using '00:00:05 in the file. The apostrophe forces the cell to be read as a text value.


Thank you so much

it was the apostrophe, composer was not reading as a text.