Binding as an Action

There are times that I think it would be cool to “trigger” a binding.

Example: if X button is pressed, then “bind” coordinates of Rectangle A. If Y button is pressed, then bind coordinates of rectangle B.


Hi Alex,

Unless I misunderstood your post, this is already possible using action parameter to property binding. You can see an example in this article:

Is this what you were looking for?

@Chloe Thanks, but what I’m getting at is a bit different. I want the action to “Create” bindings :slight_smile:
Let me know how to clarify further if needed. Thanks!

Yes that would help :slight_smile:
Perhaps you have a specific scenario in mind?

I think originally I wanted to create more dynamic info-profiles from excel docs. To clarify our type of design, people-profiles are very common. For example, for donor recognition displays, we show profiles of donors that gave money to an organization. For universities, we show a student profiles and their collections of media work, we’ve even created profiles for Olympic athletes that have passed through a country club.

For an example of how this would work: if Button A is touched, then bind these Images and these videos from Excel IA. If Button B is pressed, bind text and pdf’s from different cells of the same Excel IA.

This is a ‘very’ simplistic example, but I think you get the idea. We could create a self-building profile of different content using one excel doc. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

thanks for this interesting idea.

I understand that you want to create bindings dynamically (at Play time) using a “Create Binding” action that you could link with any existing trigger. The result of this action is that the Asset property will then be bound to another property just like if the binding was created using the binding mechanism at Editing time.

The part I’m missing is how such an action will help to realize the scenario you mention in your last post.

Or maybe I misinterpret your need. :thinking:

Hi @alban,
I know this functionality would create some complex functionality - so I’m wondering if it would muddy the waters too much.

I’m sure I can think of many more examples - but the main thing I wanted to use this for was filling up the content of different student profiles. For example, to show a student’s gallery of pictures, a gallery asset needs to be added with pre-defined content placeholders (for example, 5 image assets in a carousel). But some students will have 3 pictures, and others will have 10 pictures. So I was trying to think of solutions that bindings can be created to dynamically update pre-defined image assets. So the student with 10 images could have a “load more” button, which then creates bindings to the next 5 images. Or the student with 3 images has different bindings to ‘fill in’ the left over image assets with something different.

Just one example. But I think this idea is pretty broad that many other applications are possible. I appreciate the discussion though, so let me know what you think.

By the way - in my case, we try to use Excel spreadsheets with image/video links as opposed to transferring files. This would be the driving force behind changing bindings as opposed to using a folder-data-feed of content.

Ok, so I was totally wrong :confused:

I am not going to insult you by explaining how data feeds work in IntuiFace :slight_smile:
If I understand well, your need is to have the possibility in Excel to define for each row of data (each student) another level of data feed (the student’s gallery of picture) so you can create in the student data template another dynamic collection to display the student’s gallery of picture .

Am I correct ?

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