Binding and triggers errors for excel assets



Having watched the webinar several times, and making notes I’m trying to create an image gallery using excel.

Yet every time I try to create the assets and bind them errors occur. I have followed the example about filtering and done as suggested, but when I test it, I get image errors that can’t be clicked.

I am doing the following binding:

and setting the triggers to go to the next scene, but when I test it I cannot click the image to move to the next scene, I just have to use the arrows on the screen.

What am I doing so wrong??


More picture examples:


More picture examples:


More picture examples:


More picture examples:


More picture examples:


More picture examples:


Hi Rachel,

I can see in the 1st snapshot that you used absolute path such as P:\IntuiFace\Collection Images\cueing.jpg to reference images in your Excel file. Is this path correct? Will it be the same one on the device running IntuiFace Player?

The best solution is to use relative path such as Collection Images/cueing.jpg and put this Collection Images folder next to the Excel file inside the project.


When I use a relative path this happens:

It also means I still have no way of knowing whether the bindings and triggers are working…


Further error examples here:


Further error examples here:



I recommend yo to start a discussion on our support website so that the team can assist you directly on your project. Don’t hesitate to publish and share it with xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dot) com to fasten the process.