Binding 2 different values into a single property

I have a website asset that I need to the url to enclose 2 (or more)bound values from a excel file into. I can only seem to add one converter to the binding. Is there a way to add to bindings (query values) to the same url property?
I am trying to have the website asset show a specific location in a 360° tour on my website. In order to designate the required scene and view direction in the 360 tour I can include query strings after the URL to jump right to the place it needs to be.
Example: base URL is
What I need is to add (enclose and/or concatenate) at least 2 bindings from an excel sheet that would look like this
In this scenario XX and YY would need to be the bound values.
There are more parameters/queries I could/would like to possibly add beyond just the 2 but first I need to know how to make at least 2 happen.

Hi Dennis,

What will be the trigger of the url call in the web browser asset?
Can you please describe the components on the scene? Does your Excel will populate a collection of buttons that will pilot the Web Asset ?

As usual with Intuiface, there are several ways to implement that I think.

The simplest way would be to create the URL directly through a formula in Excel, could look like this:

The other way could be to use Global Variables, Text Manipulation Converter and Text Manipulation Interface Asset which features actions like Concatenate.

I’m sorry if my answer seems vague but I really need to know more to make it better targeted, don’t hesitate to give details.

Kind regards,