Bind Length of a Collection

I am trying to dynamically show/hide the controls of a collection based on the length of the incoming data from Airtable, but I cannot find a bindable property to do that with. I have used “Rows” since it is a vertical list, but that isn’t changing when I run the experience.

I can see the length of the collection when I look at the Airtable Interface asset and see the X of Y results, but I cannot bind to Y. Am I missing something?

Hi @steve ,

Unfortunately, Airtable response feed doesn’t include a field with the number of items in the collection, as we have the “Number of rows” available on an Interface Asset for example.

So far, the only workarounds I have in mind are

  • The dev approach: create a custom IA in JavaScript or .NET to make this Airtable call, and programmatically deduce the number of items when parsing the response
  • the @Alex approach: add a carousel in your experience, with a very very basic data template (ex: a single Text), probably outside of your scene boundaries and use the Airtable data feed in this collection. When the experience starts, or when you refresh your Airtable data, call the “Previous” action on the carousel. The “Index in focus” property of that carousel will be your number of items.

Let us know if that would work for you.