Big Idea: Line-Draw Collection

I keep coming back to this idea, and rolling it around in my head…how it would work. Well I’m going to throw it out there, because I think it would be incredibly useful:

A Line-Drawing Collection. Why? Well the most obvious use for this type of collection would be for creating your own custom, animated wayfinding maps. But it could be used for so much more, including visitor flow management, enhancing games like trivia, product selections and trees, mapping processes like factory lines, and much more.

The collection would basically allow you to plot points on your Intuiface canvas, and it will ‘animate’ a line between those points, from a central location.

You would be able to select different types of lines - dotted, straight, arrows - and control the thickness, color, etc.

Here’s how I think the collection could work, but I’m sure there will be some give and take here:

The idea is that you will have a background graphic of some sort that the Line-Draw collection will sit on top of, like an overlay. Perhaps the background is a building map PDF and you want to draw routes to different rooms in the building.

It would be best to use this collection with a dataset, from Excel or API. Your dataset contains all of your points and information about each point you plot. It will also contain the most important part - the point TAGS. In the map case, you’d list all the rooms, descriptions, etc, and make up a custom TAG for each room. However, I’m sure for simple scenarios, you could just put static buttons that trigger the line-draw.

Each Line-Draw collection gets ONE starting point. From here, all lines start. Plot points using the collection interface, over the top of your image. Each point you plot will have the custom TAGS from your dataset. This is how Intuiface will know where to draw the lines.

Let’s say you make a route to the bathrooms. You need to make 4 turns to get there, which would be 4 points for that route. You TAG all four points to the bathrooms with BR1.

Make another route to cafeteria. This route will share two of the points for the bathroom. You add an additional tag to those points called CAF, and mark a few more with that tag to finish the route.

When you set buttons to trigger the Line Draw collection, you only to provide the TAG for which route(s) you want. So if I want to find the bathrooms, I would Trigger the Line-Draw collection with the ‘BR1’ TAG and the collection will ‘filter’ out all other points that don’t contain that tag, and draw a line from the starting point to all other points.

Your line draw collection will list all of your points in the layers list, and lines will be drawn from top to bottom, in that order.

The Line Draw collection will draw multiple lines simultaneously if multiple tags are triggered.

There will be actions to reset the lines, or do certain actions when the X number of points have been passed by the line. Each point on the line would also be a button which can be triggered, and you’d need to set these triggers and actions normally as you plot them, or when editing the line draw collection.


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Let me also note that this collection is not meant to be an End-All solution for wayfinding. There are lots of companies out there that do a great job of creating some beautiful custom animated mapping. However, these tend to be rather expensive and often require a 3rd party software.

Right now, it seems like you either do something REALLY basic for wayfinding, or you go all-out. There’s not much in-between…and I think a majority of customer’s needs live in that ‘in-between’ area.

This collection is meant to serve the basic functions of animated directional lines, to give designers the creative power to make something look nice and functional. And if someone needs really custom scenarios for their wayfinding, then those 3rd party software’s should be consulted.