Better overview of connected devices

As it is now, when I log into Management Console I can see 4 to 5 of the connected devices. We have anywhere from 15-20 in play at any one time depending on what is on display and I’d love to have an overview of all of them at once.

I also use my phone often to restart players or reboot machines when I am out on the museum floor. On the phone, the scroll bar for the connected devices does not show up so I need to use the keyword to find the one I’m looking for.

Maybe there could be an option to display a thumbnail, or not. Or maybe resize the thumbnail to make more room.


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Hi Brad,

Your inputs are very timely: We are currently working on a complete design overhaul of the Management Console page, and your scenario is very valuable. We aim at a delivery by year’s end.


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Grouping could be very useful. For example if I could group all the XPs that are in a particular gallery under that gallerys name. Then when I open management console I would simply see the groups and could expand any one of the groups to get to a specific XP/machine.

Hi Brad,

Current plan is to use XP tagging like we currently propose for Players. That way you can assign gallery name tags to sets of XPs and then filter by gallery names (and additional tags if you want/need).


Not sure when this is planned for but I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to use the console and here are some additional thoughts…

-Definitely some way to see all devices at once, even if that means a simple text listing.
-Tagging is fine, and works, but implies (and currently requires) individual tagging of each entry. I’d love an easier way to assign tags to multiple devices. E.g. Select multiple devices, then drag and drop or right click or whatever to tag all at once. Also, I’m not crazy about the drop-menu method of selecting tags.
-Maybe built in tags/filters based on device type (Windows/tablet/signage).
-Pipe dream maybe, but it would be very useful from an operational standpoint to see a history of when the player was started/restarted. Even just the last time would be pretty good.

Anyways, hope that can be of some help. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Hey Brad: You’re twisting my had to disclose more :grin:but here you go:

  • The upcoming Player management page will show Players either arranged as a mosaic or as a vertical list: each item will have a minimal height depending on the information displayed, so plenty of Players on one page.
  • You’ll be able to tag multiple Players at once as you describe.
  • We’ll have filters per OS and type of devices (in addition to tag)
  • Last in your list (but not in the new features…), each Player will include a scrolling list of interesting logs showing past event like the ones you described (+ crashes, XP updates, Player updates, etc.).

Hope you’ll enjoy it!