Best way to allow selection & display of documents from a dynamic source


I’m creating an experience where a list of files from a network share are displayed which can then be opened and viewed, however I’m wondering the best way to do this.

What I’ve done:

  1. I’ve successfully managed to display files dynamically using tutorials so getting the files into the experience isn’t a problem. Currently I’m displaying them in a collection.
  2. So far I’ve set the “Tap item to open” option from the Item Behaviour menu and although this does work, it doesn’t display a maximise button on the opened file, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to alter the DPI/resolution value as you can in the Document asset.

What I’d like

  1. I want a list of files to be displayed that are part of a document data source (either as listed file names or previews of the files).
  2. You tap the item to select and it opens, BUT with buttons such as Maximise to easily make it full screen. The DPI may also need to be set above default so the quality isn’t degraded.

Key questions:

  1. Is it possible to list the document name rather than displaying them in a collection? Note I’d be fine with a collection, but by default each document has arrow buttons below it to change pages which makes it difficult to scroll past each document when dragging.
  2. If ‘tap to open’ is selected as part of a collection, is it possible to enable the maximise button and other parameters such as the DPI setting that are available in the Document asset?
  3. If the above is not possible, is it possible somehow to load up a selected document in the Document asset so you gain access to the additional properties?

Thanks for any help!


Hi @oliver and welcome to the Intuiface community.

I believe that you also contacted our support team and got an answer there, so I’m closing this community thread.


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