Best practice to output proofs for clients?

I need to output proofs for clients and stakeholders. Obviously, this is a bit challenging with interactive content, but, it’s a necessary hurdle to overcome.

We have a touchscreen deployed in their office that we push content to so that our direct stakeholders can interact with and test content. So that part of the equation is solved.

Their lawyers and regulatory teams need PDFs of all the content. This is where things get more complicated.

My current workflow is to use Snipping Tool to take screenshots of every screen in Composer and then compile a PDF from all of these pages. This lets them review and markup the content. It’s a massive time drain and PITA. I would love to be able to just export or “print” whatever I have visible in the composer window at any given time. Is anything like this possible that I have somehow overlooked?


you can use the take a snapshot function and then save those to a local folder on your computer, that way you can just add buttons to all screens which when tapped takes a snapshot of that screen. Once you’re done, compile all of the snapshots saved into the folder into a pdf.

the other option is to share the presentation with the share with url. What this basically does is, once you publish your presentation into the cloud, you can create a public share url. Send this url to your clients, when they click on the url, an inbuilt player is downloaded onto their computer along with the presentation that will enable then to view it.

Any updated you make and then publish are automatically updated they just need to click the url to download the updated presentation.

Hope this helps


You can indeed add an experience layer in your scene that you would activate only to do this snapshot session. Use a button that takes a snapshot, add to the share via filesystem sharing queue, and navigates to the next scene.
You could even export that layer as your own Design Accelerator so you can easily reuse the behavior in multiple projects.