Basic Excel Sheet - Not Viewing Well in The Experience


When dragging the excel sheet into the experience in Intuilab, it does not have the same dimensions for the cells as in the excel sheet and it is missing the first row at the top of the sheet. The information of the cells are cut off and color format is not coming through. I understand that some of the cells/rows can be manipulated in size in some way, but I was looking to be able to do it as easily as the tutorials explain. When viewing the drag and drop tutorials, it looks very simple to pull the excel sheet onto the experience without any adjustments.

I am not sure what is going wrong? Maybe, does the excel sheet need to be saved in a different format in excel before it gets pulled into the experience? Suggestions? Thanks.


Hello @aleshia,

When you drag & drop an Excel file in IntuiFace, it is used to create a data feed to be displayed using a data template. That’s why it removes the first row which is used to define the data structure.

If you simply want to visualize the content of your Excel file as a document, you can add the Document asset the set its source (double-click on it) and pick your Excel file.

See the animation below



HI @aleshia ,
Formatting an Excel feed can sometimes be an “art-form” to make it look just right. My advice is to first look at the layers on the left, and remove any of the information you don’t want to see right away. When you have only the info you want - resize the whole thing to fit in the space you need it too. Then Double click onto it and continue resizing individual items until it fits correctly. And don’t forget that if you have text information, you can change the size/font of the text items as well. Good luck!