Hi all

I see in the IntuifaceVirtualCon2020 l Working with Off-the-Shelf Sensors by Seb Meunier ,
the asset barcodescannernet

Someone knows where to get this assets ?
I will use the Elo 2d scanner.

Thanks in advance

Hi Patrick,

Are you going to use this barcode scanner on Windows on Android platform?


Hi Seb

On Windows platform


Hi Patrick @lux-outdoorliving,

I shared an experience with you that contains this Interface Asset.
Please note this has been used as a proof of concept and is not an official Intuiface component.

Once your Elo barcode is configured to be used over serial port, you should only have to specify which COM port is used in the IA’s property and hit play. Scanning a code should display it in the scene.


Thanks Seb t

Works fine

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