Barcodescanner for Productscanning

I’m currently working on an experience, where I want to scan products with a barcode scanner. When the product is scanned the intuiface player should show more infos on the product.
Is there any solution (except the serial IA from , because this often kills intuiface)

I was thinking about

  • a barcode scanner that calls a URL (like RestAPI) or
  • a programm that calls a url on localhost when a product is scanned or
  • a barcodescanner that works natively with intuiface

Would be happy about useful inputs :slight_smile: thx

Hello, I had the same request from a client.
Did you have any success on barcode reading?
Thank you

Hi Andrea, I’m still looking for a solution :frowning:

Hi @sandro.kollreider & @andrea,

As discussed in other topics, I have a solution that I can share with you if you are using a Zebra / Motorola DS457 scanner. It involves a customer Interface Asset I developped in C# using Zebra SDK.

If you are using another reader, it can either

  • behave as a keyboard input. You can then use a Text Input asset to retrieve the code scanned
  • send information through a serial port. You can then use the sample available here.
  • requires the usage of a specific SDK, as the Zebra DS457. You’ll then need to create your own Interface Asset.

I hope this clarifies the possibilities.


Thx for your reply

  • Keyboard input doesn’t work as wanted (we want to scan the code in any scene, after scanning intuiface should navigate to a detailled product page)
  • serial port example crashes intuiface --> no solution for productional rollout
  • programming an own Interface Asset (maybe for every used model of a barcode scanner) is in my eyes no option for us

we are currently testing a workaround (a second with more work is also discussed), if successful, it is possible that we will share this here

You could have the Text Input in an experience layer, enabling to scan whatever scene you are in.

Serial Port: shouldn’t, I have used it myself again a few weeks ago. If it does, this is something that could be investigated. You should send the project where you tried it to our support team.

Thanks for sharing the outcome of your tests.


@Seb & @andrea
I’m currently writing a documentation for the barcode reader with an example experience.

@Seb should i post it under this post or should i open a new entry at “Best practices & Tips&Tricks”?

Hi @sandro.kollreider,

Posting a clean thread on Best Practices is indeed a good idea. Thanks!

Hi Sandro, thanks for your update. I’m interested in your workaround.

@andrea @Seb
Documentation of my workaround is now in Best practices